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"Go.My-Eclass" is an online learning platform for students to get information, share learning contents, and submit assignments.


- Students can click "Login" to enter their signed up email address and password.

- Students are responsible for ensuring their confidentiality of passwords.

- Students are advised to log out of their account if tasks are finished.

- Feel free to contact Mr Cheng for esquires or comments regarding this online learning platform.


這是 "Go.My-Eclass" 網頁,為學生能夠透過網站獲取資訊、分享學習內容和提交作業在學習平台。

- 學生可按"登入"後輸入已經登記的"電郵"和"密碼"進入學習平台。

- 學生應保持密碼的保密性。

- 學生使用完畢後應登出個人使用帳戶。

​- 如學生有任何的問題或意見關於本學習平台的話,請隨時與老師(Stanley Sir)聯絡


Posted 發佈: Stanley, CHENG I NGAI

2020-05-21 13:50

Copyright © 2020 Go. My-Eclass. Student Information Website. By Stanley, CHENG I NGAI.

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